• Anthony Martial
  • France
    Manchester United
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    Europa League - Round of 162020/2021Manchester UnitedMUN2000
    EFL Carabao Cup2020/2021Manchester UnitedMUN1000
    Premier League2020/2021Manchester UnitedMUN22401
    FA Cup2020/2021Manchester UnitedMUN3000
    Europa League - Round of 322020/2021Manchester UnitedMUN2000
    Ligue des Champions - Groupe H2020Manchester UnitedMUN5200
    Europa League - Round of 322019/2020Manchester UnitedMUN2100
    Premier League2019/2020Manchester UnitedMUN32510
    Europa League - Demi-finales2019/2020Manchester UnitedMUN1000
    Europa League - Quarts de finale2019/2020Manchester UnitedMUN1000
    Europa League - Group L2019/2020Manchester UnitedMUN6200
    Europa League - Round of 162019/2020Manchester UnitedMUN2100
    FA Cup2019/2020Manchester UnitedMUN4100
    EFL Carabao Cup2019/2020Manchester UnitedMUN3100
    Ligue des Champions - Quarts de finale2018/2019Manchester UnitedMUN2000
    FA Cup2018/2019Manchester UnitedMUN3100
    Ligue des Champions - Round of 162018/2019Manchester UnitedMUN1000
    Premier League2018/2019Manchester UnitedMUN27320
    Ligue des Champions - Groupe H2018Manchester UnitedMUN5110
    EFL Carabao Cup2017/2018Manchester UnitedMUN1000
    Premier League2017/2018Manchester UnitedMUN30610
    FA Cup2017/2018Manchester UnitedMUN5000
    Ligue des Champions - Round of 162017/2018Manchester UnitedMUN2000
    Ligue des Champions - Groupe A2017Manchester UnitedMUN6100
    Europa League - Demi-finales2016/2017Manchester UnitedMUN1000
    Europa League - Finale2016/2017Manchester UnitedMUN1000
    World Cup - Qualification - Europe - Groupe A2016/2017FranceFRA10000
    Europa League - Groupe A2016/2017Manchester UnitedMUN6100
    Europa League - Quarts de finale2016/2017Manchester UnitedMUN2000
    Premier League2016/2017Manchester UnitedMUN25120
    EFL Carabao Cup2016/2017Manchester UnitedMUN5200
    Europa League - Round of 322016/2017Manchester UnitedMUN2010
    FA Cup2016/2017Manchester UnitedMUN3000
    Europa League - Round of 162016/2017Manchester UnitedMUN2000
    Community Shield2016Manchester UnitedMUN1000
    International Champions Cup2016Manchester UnitedMUN1000
    Championnat d'Europe - Finale2016FranceFRA1000
    Championnat d'Europe - Groupe A2016FranceFRA2000
    FA Cup2015/2016Manchester UnitedMUN6210
    EFL Carabao Cup2015/2016Manchester UnitedMUN2100
    Premier League2015/2016Manchester UnitedMUN321020
    Ligue des Champions - Playoffs round2015/2016MonacoMON2000
    Europa League - Round of 322015/2016Manchester UnitedMUN2000
    Ligue des Champions - Third qualifying round2015/2016MonacoMON2100
    Europa League - Round of 162015/2016Manchester UnitedMUN2100
    Ligue 12015/2016MonacoMON3000
    Coupe de France 2015MonacoMON1000
    Ligue des Champions - Groupe B2015Manchester UnitedMUN6210
    Ligue 12014/2015MonacoMON35910
    Coupe de la Ligue2014/2015MonacoMON2100
    Ligue des Champions - Quarts de finale2014/2015MonacoMON2000
    Ligue des Champions - Round of 162014/2015MonacoMON2000
    Coupe de France 2014MonacoMON1000
    Ligue des Champions - Groupe C2014MonacoMON3010
    Ligue 12013/2014MonacoMON11200
    Europa League - Round of 322012/2013LyonLYO2000
    Ligue 12012/2013LyonLYO3010